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Apple September keynote 2019 preview: iPhone 11, Macbook Pro 16in and more

Apple September event
Apple September event

CEO Tim Cook at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose in June

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Apple September event

A new Apple Watch Series 5 is expected to join the line-up at the most anticipated tech event of the year

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 3:57pm

Apple’s next product keynote is just around the corner - and it’s arguably the company’s most important event of the year. 

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The California-based tech firm traditionally launches its latest iPhones in the autumn, with CNet saying that the event may take place on 10 September. 

But the next generation of iPhones won’t be the only products announced at the event. A new version of the MacBook Pro laptop and the latest addition to the firm’s Watch series are also on the cards. 

Here’s what to expect from Apple’s next product keynote: 

iPhone 11

Apple goes to extreme lengths to prevent tech news sites and bloggers from leaking information about its upcoming smartphones. And while it has been mostly successful at keeping its handsets a secret, a few details about its latest devices have found their way into the hands of reporters. 

If the rumours are true, the new iPhone range will comprise three devices: the regular iPhone 11, serving as a replacement for the current iPhone XS, a larger iPhone 11 Max and the new version of the cheaper iPhone XR, according to The Daily Telegraph

It’s been reported that the new smartphones will come with a “completely redesigned camera”, the newspaper says, consisting of a “square-shaped, triple rear camera” that’s set to “enrich photo and video quality”. 

But don’t expect a 5G version, warns CNet. Intel reportedly “ran into problems” producing a chip to connect to the new generation of mobile networks, suggesting that a 5G-compatible iPhone won’t land until 2020. 

MacBook Pro 16in

Along with the new iPhone range, Apple is rumoured to be working on a larger version of its MacBook Pro laptop. 

The new model will allegedly feature a 16in display complete with bezels that are far narrower than those on the current 15in MacBook Pro. In fact, The Sun says that it’s “possible that Apple may broaden screen size” while retaining the same footprint as the 15in laptop. 

Given that Apple updated its MacBook range ahead of its Worldwide Developers Conference in May, it seemed unlikely that the company would announce the new model during its September keynote. 

However, a report from Taiwanese tech news site DigiTimes last month claimed that Apple would be releasing a 16in MacBook Pro with “ultra-narrow” bezels in September. 

That report was followed by a statement from market research firm TrendForce earlier this month, according to Macworld. It anticipated the next MacBook Pro would hit store shelves next month, suggesting the product will be revealed during Apple’s September keynote. 

Watch Series 5

Like the iPhone, Apple typically launches a new version of its smartwatch every 12 months. 

This year’s model, often referred to as the Watch Series 5, is rumoured to focus on fitness and health, says Pocket-lint. It’s possible that Apple will take on the likes of Garmin with its latest Watch, perhaps introducing “more running functions like cadence tracking”.

The tech site says it would “like to see battery improvements to match other smartwatches in the market”, as well as an option to prevent the device’s display from automatically turning off when it’s not in use.

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